Sophie Lee Moniz

Desk Staff

Sophie started practicing Bikram Yoga weeks after her birth in July 2010. Prior to discovering Bikram Yoga, Sophie suffered from chronic neck, shoulder and joint pains. Every time I would duck my head down for a drink of water or a nibble of kibble I felt pinching in my shoulder blade and squatting to pee started to become difficult for me, she said. It wasn’t until she tried her first Bikram Yoga class that she began to feel relief.Sophie now has a regular and dedicated practice of 4-5 times a week. She has beautiful extension, is close to looking out both legs in standing bow and just started to see her toes in floor bow! It is Sophie’s dream to attend teacher training, but Bikram has an issue with dogs in his hot room. Sophie works the front desk at One Tiger 5 days a week, come in and say hi or rub her belly.