Seema Mistry

Studio Manager of One Tiger Yoga

Seema’s discovery of Bikram yoga came back in 2005 when she was looking for ways to improve her health. Due to the stress and environment of her previous job in mechanical engineering, she found herself tired and sick all the time and didn’t know why this was all of a sudden happening. Her skin condition was getting worse by day and her ‘tiredness’ was really beginning to show. After many trips to doctors, naturopaths, nutritionists etc., she found out about Bikram yoga through her cousin who lives in England. Not expecting much from a yoga class she tried it and was completely blown away and hooked. Within a year, she went to the spring training in Los Angeles in 2006 and has completely changed her life around. Her health improved. Seema loves to help people realize the potential in themselves and challenges anybody that wants to see a change in their lives to try Bikram yoga. Her story is not uncommon among the Bikram community but is still life-altering. Alignment and technique play a huge role in how she instructs her classes especially to prevent injuries. Once the alignment starts to improve, then the real class begins as being focused and concentrating will really help to reach one’s full potential. One of Seema’s favorite quotes is having means nothing if you don’t know how to use it.