Sarah Elder

Bikram and Hot Hatha yoga Instructor

Sarah started her Bikram Yoga journey in February 2002 and took her first class out of sheer curiosity, not to mention the fact that it was mind numbingly cold outside that winter day. It was not love at first knee lock, but she was intrigued by the complexity and the sheer intensity of the series, as well as the commitment demonstrated by the regular students. The challenge and initial benefits kept her coming back and she practiced as often as her schedule allowed. It became the perfect respite to a demanding career. In spring 2008, Sarah went freelance with her design career allowing more space in her life to focus on the yoga on a much deeper level and eventually attend the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training program in the fall of 2009.Sarah credits Bikram Yoga for promoting radiant health and a balanced, stress free life. As a teacher, empowering students to improve their bodies and discipline of mind is extremely rewarding. Sarah looks forward to welcoming you to the studio and guiding you through this fabulous, life enhancing series.