Lisa Falla

BIkram yoga and Yin yoga Instructor

Lisa Falla is a passionate regulated healthcare provider going into her 18th year of practice as a registered massage therapist. Having practiced yoga her entire massage career, she fell in love with Bikram yoga in 2008 when looking for a local neighborhood yoga studio to practice at and maintain the health of her body to prolong her physically exhausting massage career. In 2011 she completed the very intense Bikram yoga teacher training and believes that Bikram yoga is a well-rounded form of self-care suitable for the majority of people. In the summer of 2017 she completed her yin yoga teacher training which allows for the perfect opportunity for her to share her love of anatomy, the basics of traditional Chinese medicine and chakra theory. Specializing in core dysfunction, prenatal and postnatal healing, she is happy to discuss with you before and after class any concerns about healing your body. When Lisa is not obsessing over health and wellness, she is busy being a mom and has a keen interest in knitting and wildlife.