Lisa Climans

Power Vinyasa and Yin yoga Instructor

I found Yoga 12 years ago after training and running a full marathon left me with a bulging disc and pinched nerve in my lower back. Basically bed-ridden and barely able to walk. I made my way to my very first Yoga class. It was Bikram Hot Yoga. I was immediately hooked. This started me on my Yoga Journey that I am still on today. My back injury at times made it impossible to drive to a studio so I started to do privates with a teacher named Darcy Hagerman, who was to become my mentor. I practiced every day with her determined to heal my spine. Hatha, Vinyasa, and yin. As my health started to return my teacher suggested I become a teacher. My reply ” I could never do that I’m to shy”, “too anxious”! After about 6 months I returned to studios and kept up with my daily yoga practice, all the while still being encouraged by my mentor to become a teacher. In the fall of 2015, I finally decided to “go for it” and got certified in Baptista yoga in New York. The scariest and most exciting thing I have ever done! Filling that in January of 2016 I did my Moksha training and in March of 2016 my Yin training. It is my belief that yoga is a powerful tool to heal both body and mind. If my teaching can help others to heal that is the biggest blessing. Healthy spine equals a healthy life.