Dorina Rigo

Inferno Hot Pilates Instructor

Dorina moved to Canada over 13 years ago from Hungary, throughout her life she has always been curious about trying new types of sport and physical activity and has always enjoyed an active lifestyle – this is how she discovered her love of fitness and healthy living.

Dorina’s true passion for fitness was sparked when a good friend introduced her to a variety of fitness classes and snowboarding. Never having tried either, she immediately fell in love with both! That was the beginning of her love and commitment to fitness as she can no longer imagine life without it.

In 2010 she decided to take this healthy lifestyle to the next level when she became a personal trainer, and then shortly after became a Kangoo Jumps fitness instructor and ever since she has been sharing and helping students achieve their fitness goals.

Dorina discovered Inferno Hot Pilates in early 2018 at One Tiger Yoga studio and immediately fell in love – since her initial class she has been attending IHP classes regularly. She loves Inferno Hot Pilates so much that she attended both the level one and two teacher trainings and received her full certification. She is thrilled to be on the One Tiger Yoga schedule and is excited to share her passion for fitness and health with her community.