Transformational Breath Session

Join Mayte Morelos for an afternoon of breathing in this profound intro to breathing workshop. Transformational Breath is a self-empowering and effective self-healing technique that connects with conscious breathing to improve health and well being. It is dynamically powerful and utilizes a specific highly oxygenate breathing pattern. Transformational Breath aids in eliminating restrictions allowing us to breathe more effectively, easily and feel more relaxed.

Most people are only getting a small percentage of air/lung capacity due to closed and limited breathing patterns causing physical and emotional stress and tension.

Help yourself by alleviating anxiety, respiratory ailments, addictions, phobias, depression, TMJ, heart conditions, headaches, great for pregnancy and labor, helps control pain and relieve sleep apnea. Takes the first step to clear and train your mind to create a higher form of energy in life.

Pre-register online HERE.