Information & Etiquette

Information & Etiquette

Here are a few things you might experience during your first yoga class.

  1. You will sweat…a lot! Most studios are heated to 105 F with 40 degrees humidity. Sweating is a good way for the body to cool itself down.
  2. You may find it hard to balance on one leg. Some of the postures require you to balance on one leg. Most beginners will find it difficult to focus at first, just be patient and keep trying. Once you build your focus and strength, it will get easier.
  3. The class has participants with varying skill levels from beginners to advance. The beauty of yoga allows each individual to develop their skill and practice in a communal and supportive environment on their journey to good health and good yoga.
  4. Expect some muscle soreness and maybe fatigue for a few days after the class. It’s a good idea to take another class soon after to work out the soreness, and remember to drink lots of water.
  5. If you are new to hot yoga you may feel a little nausea as your body detoxifies. Also, if you don’t hydrate enough before class you may experience these feelings. Take it easy, sit down and drink a bit of water. Always take care of yourself first.
  6. You will feel great and your skin will glow. You may feel a little tired (from the heat) but overall most people feel energized. Once your body gets acclimatized to the heat you will have more energy and your skin will feel great.
  7. You will be happy. It’s a tough workout, but a great accomplishment. You will be smiling after class.
  8. You will want to do it again. It’s hard to explain, but after 90 minutes of stretching and strengthening your body something will bring you back. Maybe it’s how you feel after the class or maybe it’s the curiosity to experience all the great benefits everyone talks about.

Things to prepare for Yoga

A few helpful tips when you arrive.

  1. Enter the yoga room quietly and place your yoga mat down quietly. Students are in the room relaxing and meditating before and after class so we always observe silence in the yoga room.
  2. If you place your mat in front of others, please be considerate to ensure it is not obstructing others view of the mirror. Each participant needs to see themselves in the mirror so angling the mats is very important.
  3. Tell the teacher if you have any injuries, surgeries or recently had a baby or pregnant.
  4. If you need to rest at any point sit down on your mat – this is a life long journey. You always want to work hard, but listen to your body and take breaks if needed.
  5. If you experience pain during any of the postures, stop doing the posture and talk to your teacher after class.
  6. Relax, have fun and enjoy the journey.
  7. But most important…remember to breathe! New (and experienced) practitioners tend to hold their breath during the poses. Breathing can help you relax and go deeper into the postures.


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