Kundalini Yoga Workshop

“Happiness is your birthright” – Join Carmelinda DiManno for a 4 part series Kundalini workshop – every Saturday in October.

Kundalini yoga is a traditional yoga practice that is accessible for everyone as it is dynamic and active but does not include extreme stretches or poses. The “yoga of awareness” that attempts to unite body, mind and soul through exercises, meditation and breathing techniques.

Kundalini yoga promotes blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic and glandular systems. The organs are massaged and strengthened in their respective functions. Circulation is regulated and the energy in the meridians begins to flow more optimally resulting in holistic, bodily well being. 

Kundalini yoga strengthens our ability to clear away the causes of negative emotions and sabotaging thought patterns. Join us for a healing experience as results are felt immediately.  Register online HERE.