Types of Yoga


Bikram 90

Our traditional 90 minute hot yoga class is comprised of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Every posture is done twice. It is a sequence developed by Bikram Choudhury using 26 out of the 84 Asana’s from the Ghosh lineage. This is a beginner class and gives students a strong foundation, helping them to achieve maximum therapeutic benefits in their practice. It works every part of the body, inside and out, maintaining optimum health and function. Bikram Yoga is suitable to all levels of practitioners.

Bikram 60 and 75

Our 60 and 75 minute hot yoga classes are comprised of the same 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises taught in our traditional Bikram 90 yoga class. We have added a few additional postures from the 84 Asana Ghosh lineage to ensure a full body workout in a shorter period of time. Get ready to sweat! Our 60 and 75 minute Bikram classes are taught in regular Bikram yoga temperature. All levels welcome.

Power Vinyasa

Our Power Vinyasa classes are rooted in Baron Baptiste’s methodology, they follow the Journey into Power sequence created by Baron Baptiste. Practiced in reduced heat, all Power Vinyasa yoga classes are accessible to everyone. You will leave feeling rinsed and renewed with a new sense of clarity and purpose. 

Power Strength

Our Power Strength class our similar to our Power Vinyasa classes with the added emphasis on core and strength stability. Incorporating longer holds, balances, twists and abdominal work to build over all strength. It is from our core or centre that we develop true real life strength. A strong core equals a strong back. Get ready to work-sweat-and have fun!

Inferno Hot Pilates

Our Hot Pilates classes are a full-body workout, using Pilates prin­ci­ples these classes create long lean muscle mass while burning fat. You will strengthen you core, improve cir­cu­la­tion, and increase flex­i­bility. The class is performed on a yoga mat, making it zero impact, pro­tect­ing your joints and muscles from the pounding of other exercises like running and jumping. There is no impact on the joints, so this class is safe practice for all fitness levels.

Yin Yoga

Our Yin yoga classes are suitable for all levels of students, Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular (yang) styles of yoga we offer at the studio that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. Yin Yoga generally targets the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. These classes are slow paces, relaxing and are a perfect way to end the day. All levels welcome, our yin yoga classes are taught at room temperature.

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