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irinaMy name is Irina.

I am an active person, in the last years I participated in a few events. I did the CN Tower climb, I started running about years ago, 3 years ago I run a marathon, in the same summer I did the “Cure for cancer” bike ride, 220km in 2 days… after years of running and 2 injuries (hip and sole of my foot) I thought I should slow down… but how? I am not the sedentary person at all. I need to move.

One evening, out of the blue I called One Tiger Yoga, I wanted to try out the month for 49$. I did yoga many years ago, but not Bikram.

The trial month/49$ is the best idea!

I drove the same day to the Studio to start the classes. Andrew was my first instructor… what did I know? I did the whole class totally unprepared, not even had a mat. But, I loved it. After 3 classes I BECAME ADDICTED. I renewed my membership right away, until the end of the year, I will go on, really I don’t know HOW I LIVED WITHOUT BIKRAM YOGA?

Occasionally, I used to have stomach problems. They are gone. Also, lower back problems. They are gone. I suffered from sleepless nights, not anymore! I feel GREAT after each class, I like all the instructors and I thank all of them for this big change in my life.

Bikram Yoga is not only for your body, your mind and soul are BENEFITTING TOO!

And, it is not a matter of age, weight, gender… I would recommend BYEY TO ANY ONE.


janetI’ve been following the inspiring testimonials from fellow practitioners and have held off submitting my own story, as I don’t feel that I’ve achieved my final destination with the practice. But as I look back on my journey so far, I realize I’ve come a long way since October 2011, when I entered the hot room for my first time. At that time, I was suffering from long term, chronic lower back issues that caused sciatic nerve pain down both legs.

I had practiced another form of yoga for about five years but had stopped about months earlier. I’d really enjoyed the practice, but found that my back pain was worse after certain classes. So when I first entered the hot room, my frame of reference was the yoga practice I’d been doing for years. I won’t lie – my first class was an awful experience – the endless dialogue, the heat, the painful warm-up series – I was ready to bolt and never look back. But for some reason I was drawn back to the studio for a second class which was marginally better and by my third class I was looking forward to the challenges each posture would bring.

Several weeks and many classes later, I realized that I was walking without pain. It was a novel experience, and I’m still surprised that I didn’t notice I was pain free right away. I wish I could say that I’ve remained pain free since then, but I still have bad days. Generally these occur if I haven’t been to a class in several days. The other thing I’ve noticed is that I haven’t had a cold, flu or any virus since starting in the hot-room. I think that’s more than a coincidence.

So my story isn’t one of dramatic transformation, but one of evolution – which means the best is still to come.


lindaOK … so it’s MY turn… never in my wildest thoughts would I have envisioned myself in RABBIT pose – yep, that’s me, in the hottest, sexiest studio in Toronto…

I have been active all my life, but THIS IS DIFFERENT! Yes, the 110 degree heat PLUS humidity, I have always had difficulty functioning in humidity with clothes on… it is arduous, but oh so challenging for body and mind! And new body and mind are evolving… I am starting a new venture, having my clothes altered, making new friends and having FUN!

Fast approaching my ‘senior citizen’ year this must be what I needed – it has become addictive! Every practice is a challenge to strive for the perfect posture manageable that day, and the BENEFITS are amazing… so many say “I could never do that…” but hey, I’m doing it. So come on over to the HOT ROOM and try it out, the teachers are ALL amazing and so are the results!

Thanks Andrew et al for your senses of humour, guidance and attention on my new journey…

Linda Bedard

I began taking Yoga classes at the beginning of May 2013 as a way to combat some of the stiffness that months of bad posture and writing for school had wrought in my muscles. After a particularly tough semester, my body was feeling quite out of shape due to too much desk time and hardly any gym sessions. Not only did Hot Yoga exceed all the expectations I had of it, it taught me a lot about how to pace myself and made me push myself mentally past what I thought was a small and confined comfort zone. Now I’m hooked and want to challenge myself to get through all of the poses and possibly try to complete the 30 day hot yoga challenge in the future. I recommend Bikram yoga to any and all that want to challenge themselves both mentally and physically and feel immediate benefits afterwards. I would also highly recommend this practice to those who want to learn complicated yoga poses at their own pace. Bikram Yoga is all about natural, gradual learning and it’s perfect for those who may be new to Yoga itself.


Tim's PhotoI’ve been an avid fitness fanatic for my entire adult life, taking part in “traditional” activities such as running, swimming and biking, However, I found after many years of doing the same old workout routine, I needed to find something new and challenging to try, yet different. For some time I had pondered about taking up regular yoga, then one day a close friend of mine told me about Bikram yoga and suggested I give it a try. It sounded great, in that it would provide me with improved flexibility, which had always been a challenge for me and it seems was increasingly diminishing with age. It would help improve my mental focus, as self admittedly I have the attention span of a fly at the best of times. Lastly it would help me unwind from the hectic demands of a busy life. However, with all those benefits, I was still hesitant to try Bikram, as I also happen to have heart disease. In March 2011 I had two stints put in my heart. My cardiologist was very hesitant to allow me to attempt Bikram because of the extreme heat and due to some of the medications I was on. Well, I persisted and finally showed up for my first class in January of 2013. The rest is history and I have never looked back, attending twice a week on a regular basis. I can honestly say Bikram is one of the most challenging and demanding activities I have ever taken part in, yet at the same time one of the most rewarding and satisfying. This coming from a person who ran marathons and participated in triathlons at a fairly high competitive level. Physically and mentally I am pushed each and every class. I look forward to the challenge of each class, learning and improving, but realizing it is a long journey and commitment. I am also starting just now to discover the meditative benefits of Bikram as well. The instructors at BYEY are fabulous, they provide tons of support and motivation. As for the after class euphoria, you have to experience it to fully appreciate it and what Bikram has to offer. In terms of my heart condition, prior to taking up Bikram, I occasionally still experienced angina symptoms while working out. Since I have been taking Bikram, any angina symptoms have more or less vanished. I attribute this to Bikram and the incredible cardio workout it gives your heart. In closing, if you do have a heart condition and are thinking of trying Bikram, I urge you to please consult with your family doctor or cardiologist before do so.

Namaste and good health,


Maria WangI have always had a bad knee and as a result of this there are still a lot of poses I can’t do perfectly. Over the last three weeks my knee got so bad that it became so painful when climbing stairs. I took glucosamin, vit D as per usual, but even this didn’t help much. On top of it all, I was so busy this year which made it difficult for me to attend class regularly. So, the next time I got the chance to get into the hot room I decide that I am going to do double!

I did one double last Monday, and a second double the following Monday, and know my knee is perfect again! I just can’t believe it! Bikram yoga works. I wanted to share this unexpected health benefit with everyone. I also noticed that my sweat was completely different from the 2nd class than the 1st, it must of been all the toxins coming out. Of course I took a shower after the first class to get the sticky feeling off before I entered the torture chamber again! : )

Maria Wang

Kate LeuschenMy story,

I wouldn’t call it a mid-life crisis. Maybe a ‘life transition.’ In my forties, I found myself with two small children, a house, a husband, and the loss of the best job I would ever have. Being made redundant was more than a disappointment. I found myself in a deep and angry depression, and I knew that I had to embrace the change or roll under a rock. Finding a new job at my age would not be easy. My starting point had to be within myself.

A year prior to coming to One Tiger, I had tried hot yoga at another center. I lasted two classes before throwing in the towel. I knew how hard it was, and how hot. But I also knew that I had spent almost 20 years falling out of shape and needed a genuine place to challenge by body and soul. I had seen the tiger sign on the outside wall of the studio, so when One Tiger came up on Living Social, I decided to take the plunge again.

I didn’t have a terrible injury or chronic pain. At least not physically. I just had a worn down body with an attitude to match. My first class was with Leslie, and it was a life-saver. The 90 minutes reminded me how much I needed a place to escape and meditate just as much as a place to re-train my body. Within days, I knew that I would stay. The unexpected positives were the great skin (my husband was happily surprised) and the lack of real pain during my monthly period (doesn’t sound like much but this alone was worth the price of admission!). I had the time to dedicate to 3 times a week, and the changes happened in relation to the amount of time I was sweating it out.

I just recently passed my 50th class mark – six months and a few speed bumps later. I don’t yet come down from tree pose or do a full camel, but I am rejuvenated when I finally kick out my leg or lock my knees for the first time. I haven’t lost any big amount of weight, but I have changed my shape inside and out.

Best of all, I have changed my expectations of myself. I am working again, but now on my own terms. Having taken stock of my best skills, I am now setting my own hours and prioritizing my two girls.They need to see a role model as a fit and happy mom. My oldest is excited to show me her best standing bow, and my youngest balances so naturally in tree. I am proud that they want to share this with me. Another – and the most precious – unexpected positive was reconnecting with them. I found the best job I would ever have, I never really lost.

Kate Leuschen

matthewDavisMany people say that it is good to have friends in high places, though in my case, I have found that it is even better to have friends in HOT places. I met Andrew (the studio owner and director of One Tiger Yoga) about five years ago in a bar in Sydney, Australia. Conversation quickly turned to yoga and Andrew’s passion for the Bikram practice was immediately evident. I explained to him that I had suffered from depression and anxiety for most of my adult life and had always thought of trying yoga to receive some of its meditative benefits. Andrew’s instant retort was “You need Bikram”. Fast forward five years and I now consider Andrew my closest friend, and Bikram my strongest anti-depressant medication. Over five years I have built up my practice from a very sporadic start into a now regular ritual of self-healing.

There is something inherent within the 26 posture series which has enabled me to conquer the “black dog” which has followed me for years. The connection between mind and body, the 90 minutes of group solitude, the concentration on the breathe… all play crucial roles in soothing the mind and calming the spirit. Each new class brings a challenge, what will come up today? Sometimes I find myself in a severe panic, on the tip of an anxiety attack at the beginning of the floor series, or in a moment of pure jubilation and euphoria after a well executed standing bow. Either way, I am lead through the highs and lows by the steady beat of the teacher’s voice and the comfort of knowing that it shall all pass as easily as exhaling the next breathe. That’s the magic of Bikram for me, realizing that despite the highs and lows, despite everything… I can overcome it, push through, reach for it and accomplish anything I put my mind to. I am forever grateful for this gift of wisdom which I have discovered through Bikram, and forever indebted to my dearest friend, Andrew.

Matthew Davis

yukoI tried Bikram yoga for the first time years ago. I was looking for a hot yoga studio when I was in Japan. It was by pure chance that I found Bikram yoga. I still remember well when I did Bikram yoga for the first time as a trial. I managed to stay in the hot room for 90 min, but I was short of oxygen and I also thought some postures were impossible for me. But now I think Bikram yoga is the best exercise for me, and I can’t imagine my life without Bikram yoga.

Even if I play something else outside in summer, I won’t sweat like during a yoga class and won’t get the same detox effect. Moreover the best thing is that it helps strengthen my body and mind. For my body, I put on excess weight around the back and the hip. But now I lost some of it. I have muscles and have a high metabolism more than before. For my mind, I was little bit moody and irritable before. But now I think I have patience more than before. If I hadn’t tried Bikram yoga, my life wouldn’t be so satisfying as it is nowadays. I am lucky because I participate in Bikram yoga and also met Mr.Bikram in the studio which I went to in Japan.

I came to Toronto just 1year ago to study English. After I arrived in Toronto, I looked for a Bikram yoga studio in Toronto. I decided to come to One Tiger when I came here first day. It was a coincidence again because I like tiger so much. We can do Bikram yoga wherever if we go in the world. That’s amazing!! Can you believe that I can’t understand English perfectly? But I can do the postures because I learned them in Japanese. Not only doing Bikram yoga has a good effect on my body but I have the opportunity to practice English.

I’ll do Bikram yoga as much as possible for the rest of my life.
Yuko Kumiya

Picture of me My story…
I went to Bikram because I had had an unknown rash all over my lower legs and chest for 3 weeks, and it was starting to affect my arms and torso. An unexpected 2-hour sauna provided 2 days of relief. I thought it must be the sweating. I was right because after a week of Bikram the intensity was nearly gone and only affecting my lower legs. Now, after a month, I am free of this rash.

Thank you, Bikram yoga!
Coreen Boucher

Two years ago I began suffering from panic attacks. With each one, things got worse until it got to the point I didn’t want to leave my house in case I had another one. At the suggestion of my doctor, I decided to take up yoga. I didn’t know what Bikram was but joined One Tiger Yoga because it was the closest studio to where I live. Little did I know, it would change my life.

The hot flashes, the dizziness, the nausea, the trouble breathing, everything you experience in the hot room is what I experienced during a panic attack. Being able to survive 90 minutes in there taught me that I could survive anything that came my way outside. I have learned techniques to breathe my way through any anxiety that washes over me, but I really don’t need it as regular practice keeps it away completely.

In addition to this, Bikram yoga helped lessen the withdrawal symptoms when I went off my anti-anxiety medication and improved my chronic knee problems as well as many other wonderful benefits that have come my way.

Thank you Andrew for opening up the hottest and sexiest yoga studio near my house. You opened at the same time I was in need of a studio which makes me realize that Bikram Yoga was meant for me.

Shannon Scott

Sue-Lynn-ChongMy feedback is not going to be about an amazing turnaround although I know many of the participants I have met have truly experienced that. My feedback is simple and genuine about the nicest hot yoga studio I have attended. I have been to other Bikram studios and been to Moksha but One Tiger Yoga is the cleanest, most spacious and most well kept. Fresh bathmats and hand towels are put out even for the last class of the evening, and the bathroom stalls are always spotless. When you are hot, sticky and exhausted, isn’t this the environment you want to freshen up in? Thank you Andrew and team for keeping up this high standard.
As for the yoga classes, my constitution still gets drained and exhausted by the heat. I just never seemed to “get used to it” the way most say they do. But, after every session, I feel detoxified, tired in a good way, and my skin softens and glows. My super stiff and tight boyfriend was willing to give yoga a try with One Tiger Yoga and he can now forward bend to the ground, twist kinks out of his back on his own, and keep pace with the postures better than me!

Sue Lynn Chong

France-RaymondI am 48 years old with a new-found, life-long love of Bikram yoga (discovered shortly after the death of my husband). I’m healing in all kinds of ways. That ankle issue I’ve had for years? Gone. Broken toe? Fine. My body is bending in ways I never thought possible. The extra weight, though tenacious, is bound to melt away. Especially now since I’ve just quit my job to do my own personal 60 day challenge and see what happens next in my life. Yep, this is BIG. I’m not sure about all the details of my future, but I know my path includes Bikram yoga. Andrew, I love the studio and I’m oh-so very grateful to you.

France Raymond

Sharlini-UdayakumarAfter being moderately active (…and mostly sedentary) throughout my year program studying to be a Naturopath, I was in no way ready for what I thought was easy yoga, in a warm room. I thought, ‘I lived in the scorching heat of India this summer studying homeopathy, eating spicy hot food, how bad could the heat really be?’ From wanting to run outside that glass door for a breath of cold air on my first class, and not being able to touch my toes all my life, I can say that I’ve seen major improvements in just weeks! I am proud to say that I can now not only touch my toes comfortably, but also feel improvements in my total body strength and flexibility. (And I think I’m on the road to getting what a Japanese ham sandwich is supposed to look like.. ) It’s not only helped in the studio, but has also made running more doable and increased overall energy! Bikram Yoga has refined the way I look at well-being and is now something I see as a fantastic ingredient to healthy living!! Love, love, love it!

Sharlini Udayakumar, ND DHMHS

Abdul-Hamid-LachporiaMy name is Abdul Hamid, at 73 years of age, my doctor recommended that I consider joining a yoga group. Having had problems with my knees and thighs for the past few years, I signed up in March 2013 for One Tiger Yoga’s introductory special. Almost immediately upon joining, I noticed that the hot yoga exercises were truly an awesome form of therapy for stretching out my leg muscles and strengthening the effected areas. I also suffer from Asthma and have not used an inhaler since joining the group.

There are very few opportunities available to us in this day and age whereby we can just relax and breath. Having said that, I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was an integral part of the yoga exercises. Aside from the many interesting people that I have met at One Tiger Yoga, I salute all the instructors for their knowledge, their compassion, their experience, their patience, and their most wonderful and pleasant dispositions. I salute each and every one of you for you are all amazing and true professionals. I was deeply touched by the generous and loving attitude shown towards the students by all of you.

To Andrew and to all the wonderful people at One Tiger Yoga, Thank You very much for such a rewarding and enlightened month.

Without any hesitation, I highly recommend the One Tiger Yoga studio.

Abdul Hamid Lachporia

Angela-LyonsI am in my early 40’s and was introduced to Bikram yoga by a friend at the beginning of February who thought it may help chronic back issues I’d experienced over the last 20 years following the removal of my L5-S1 herniated disc. I was very cautious in the first few classes as I couldn’t do a sit-up without excruciating pain and a number of postures triggered agonizing back spasms. And yet when I left the studio, everything would settle down and I’d feel compelled to return. Somehow, it felt as though I was ‘working through’ the issue. I started reading more about Bikram, relating to others with spinal injuries that were practicing and learned how important it was to move your spine in all directions. I especially related to the statement that its counter-intuitive to bend backwards when you have back-pain and I had been avoiding it for many, many years. After three months of Bikram, I now smile when an instructor tells us to “bend way back, more back, don’t be scared”… I smile because I no longer have any pain, I have significantly improved my core strength and my posture (according to friends) has completely changed. And I can do a sit-up! I also can’t stop talking to everyone who will listen about how transformative this experience has been. Its amazing to me that I spent so many years seeing doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists and acupuncturists. And while each of them could provide temporary relief from pain through prescribed drugs or treatments, not a single one healed my back.

Bikram yoga healed my back.

Angela Lyons

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