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Benefits of Yoga

You’ve heard about it, you’ve thought about it, now it is time to try it. Our yoga sequences have been designed to exercise every muscle, organ, tissue and gland of the human body. In combination with the heated environment, the yoga posture series is a practical system of disease prevention and health maintenance.

This yoga is for everyone. If you want to increase your flexibility, strength, recover from injury, improve your health, relieve stress and change your life, this yoga is for you.

A regular yoga practice helps to relieve muscle and ligament tension, alleviate stress and anxiety and regulate the systems of the body.

Many people associate yoga with calm, mellow and serene environments and movements. This yoga helps you to find your calm through an invigorating, challenging and vibrant yoga experience that will make you sweat.

There are no promises of instant or magic cures. Prepare to work hard, deploy your patience, determination and diligence. The effort you put into your practice will be returned to you in changes to your physical and mental state. This is the beginning of a rewarding, fun and sweaty journey.

Enjoy this life changing experience!

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Why the Heat?

The heat works to warm your muscles, tissues and joints, so that you can work deeper and see results in your practice and body more quickly. When your body becomes more flexible, allowing you to go deeper into your poses, your organs, tissues and glands receive a deep and detoxifying massage. Many of these toxins are then eliminated through your skin through your sweat.

More benefits from the heat;

  • Fat cells are burned more efficiently, often helping to lose inches and reshape the body.
  • The range of motion of your body is improved through heated muscles, ligaments and joints. With more flexibility, it is possible to work deeper into the postures with a reduced risk of injury.
  • The smallest capillaries in your body dilate, helping to deliver oxygen and nutrients more efficiently through the body systems while flushing tissues of toxins.
  • The metabolism is improved, helping to break down glucose and fatty acids more efficiently.
  • The cardiovascular system is stimulated and thoroughly exercised.
  • The body’s immune system is boosted and strengthened, helping to kill viruses and bacteria.
  • The challenge of the heat creates an opportunity to exercise your patience, self-control, willpower, concentration and determination.
  • Circulation is improved throughout the body, especially to peripheral areas and the extremities.
  • Heat induced sweat helps to detoxify the body through the skin, which is the body’s largest elimination organ.
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