A Crystal Journey into Yin yoga

Join us for a special evening of Yin yoga, meditation, and David Hickey’s A Crystal Journey. David performs with Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and gongs – each produces a pure note or tone, the purest there is. Listening to the pure vibrant sounds of the crystal bowls brings emotional peace, and through meditation and utilizing breathing and self-awareness techniques, you can restore clarity and balance to your chakras. The sounds of all of his instruments will move through your body in waves – providing a calming feeling and aligning and healing your energy centers.

Accompanied by A Crystal Journey – Denise Crofton will be leading a special yin and meditation class. The intent of her sequence, along with the crystal bowls and gongs, is to provide a full-body release so you feel nourished inside and out. It is a perfect way to decompress and create space in your body and mind so you can go into your week feeling energized and vibrant.

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